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Australian Barker’s Creek Pork
Barker's Creek farm originated from a mountain stream flowing from the Bunya Mountain in Queensland.  Pigs are grown in this natural and clean environment without additional growth hormones and fed with natural grains such as wheat and barley.
Using the state of art equipment and marinated technology, Barker's Creek pork cuts are then marinated with natural sea salts & undergo blast-freezing procedures to maintain pork natural flavor and texture.

Health Benefits:
Free with GMO,  free grains
Feed contains no additional growth hormones


Scottish Loch Fyne Smoked Salmon
This salmon has a fabulous flavour and texture that is unbeatable. It is not overpowering and is great served with anything or on it's own!

Loch Fyne smoked salmon is principally supplied by Loch Duart and West Ross salmon farms – the first to gain RSPCA Freedom Foods accreditation.?Using traditional methods developed over the centuries in Scotland, Loch Fyne  salmon is hand-filleted and cured in a mixture of sea salt and organic sugar.  After filleting, the salmon is hand rinsed in fresh highland spring water from the hills of Glen Fyne, refreshing the fish before the smoking process begins.  The salmon is delicately smoked for ten hours using oak wood shavings from retired whisky casks to add smoky overtones.
Loch Fyne in Argyll on the western coast of Scotland is a sea loch which opens a the Sound of Bute and runs north towards the picturesque village of Inverary. One of the longest sea lochs in Scotland, it sweeps through some of the most scenic hills in Argyll and remote, unspoilt countryside.


Italian Villani Truffle Salami
This salami has a very special aroma, coming from the usage of truffles in it.
Art enriches people's hearts and lives Art is not just something to enjoy watching, but also something to understand and taste. Please, take a careful look at Villani's salami and try its delightful taste.
The glossy, beautiful colour?The smooth texture?The rich aroma, which fills your mouth
You will have a piece of art on your table.
The traditional skills, which have come down to us after more than 100years:?The high-quality meat, which makes it worth!
Villani is able to produce pieces of art, simply because the skills of the craftsmen have been passed up to the present generation. Art cannot be achieved by using only machines.
Villani choose their "high-quality pig's meat" with utmost care, as it is believed to be the first step to creating a piece of art. The company selects carefully the meat, choosing only from Italian pigs. Moreover, the meat is not frozen, but used in its fresh form.?On the solid base of the "high-quality material", Villani have been pouring the traditional skills of making salami for over a century. Thus, today we have this superb product.
Here is the key to producing a piece of art, which is constantly praised by everyone.


US Captain's Call U10 Scallops

The premium brand harvested from the prime North Atlantic growing regions.This is what makes Captain’s Call brand so desired by connoisseurs who want only the highest quality available. That’s why the logo has images of ocean waves cresting with all its bounty and named it for the Captains that call for it by name. Captain’s Call…it’s what the Captain wants.


Sparkling Sake

Canadian Lobster Tail & Italian Truffle Sauce