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Opened in September 2011 and conveniently located in Wanchai, Hong Kong’s commercial and residential area, Headtable is a food store with a variety of fine foodstuff from around the world specializing in premium seafood and meat items. You can also find different kinds of seasonings, condiments, herbs and spices at the store. They also provide recipes or recommendations for private parties and festive celebrations.

The owners of Headtable have over 20 years experience in food and beverage industry such as hotels, restaurants and catering services. The name of “Headtable” is derived from the concept of hosting a banquet which all sitting in the head table are known as important guests. The host of each banquet normally prepares the finest food and wine to share with their special guests. The mission of “Headtable” is to assist the hosts to serve the best foodstuff and recommendations to the success of their functions.

Address : Room 2010 Seaview Centre, 139-141 Hoi Bun Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel : 2574 4887  Fax : 2574 7767
Email : headtable.company@gmail.com

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Why the shop named  “HEADTABLE”
In banqueting, HEADTABLE is the table at the very front, seating all VIPs, immediate family of host or close relatives and served with the best delicacies.
In day-to-day life, the dining table at home is the HEADTABLE for the family where dishes are tailored to perfection for every one of our beloved family members, the most important people of our life.

At home gatherings, we welcome our dear friends and relatives at the same HEADTABLE, celebrating the finest food and drinks specially chosen.  It’s the perfect time for chit-chatting, catching up, sharing joys and Head Table part 2worries among caring hearts as we munch and sip away the hours. 

Even if we dine alone, to treat ourselves with a flavored dish at our own HEADTABLE in a tranquil ambiance is the greatest reward we deserve after a hard day’s work. 

We, HEADTABLE COMPANY LIMITED, aims to promote SHARING.  Let good food and wine create the environment, an opportunity, a mood for people to get together, to share, to uncover true feelings and develop closer relationship.