Meal Box

Western Style


Chicken A La King, Steamed Jasmine Rice

Meat Balls Pasta in Tomato Sauce

Beef Ragout and Cheese Lasagne

Chicken Fillet with Onion Sauce, Roasted Herb Potatoes and Vegetables

Pork Chop with Tomato Sauce, Roasted Herb Potatoes and Vegetables

Curry Chicken, Steamed Jasmine Rice

Panfried Fillet of Sole with Mushroom Cream Sauce, Roasted Herb Potatoes and Vegetables

Chinese Style


Sliced Pork with Tomato Sauce, Steamed Jasmine Rice

Sweet and Sour Pork, Steamed Jasmine Rice

Diced Chicken with Sweet Corn Cream Sauce, Steamed Jasmine Rice

Braised Tofu and Roasted Pork with Plain Rice

Cosmopolitan Fried Rice

Fried Squid with Black Bean Sauce, Steamed Jasmine Rice

Vegetarian Dish


Fried Rice with Vegetables, Sauteed Mushroom and Broccoli

Braised Tofu and Vegetables, Steamed Jasmine Rice

Tomato Curry, Steamed Jasmine Rice

Vegetarian Tortilla Wraps, Sweet Corn and Capsicum Salad

Lettuce, Tomato and Egg Ciabatta Bread Sandwich

Vegetarian Pasta Salad